Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Power of Personal Harmony

Personal Harmony
Most people see harmony as a difficult attainment. It’s not. It is neither difficult nor an attainment. Wherever it is that you are, you are in fact already harmonious, you just may not know it. Nothing new is to be added and nothing is to be discarded; you are as perfect as possible. NOW. It is not that you are going to be perfect sometime in the future, it is not that you have to do something arduous to be yourself. It is not the journey to some other point somewhere else; you are not going somewhere else. You are already here. That which is to be obtained is already attained. This idea must go deep, only then will you be able to understand why such simple techniques can help.

You just have to become more what you were meant to become. Born as a seed, your true nature is when you have flowered. You have come to complete growth, an inner growth, to the inner end. Now this will contradict the ideal that we must aspire to be the best we can or that we must continually evolve in order to find ourselves. In this concept of finding your “True Nature” you aspire to be complete. That means totally content, comfortable with who you are, inspired by a purpose larger than ourselves and connected to the vitality of life. At this point we can totally surrender and become what is described as living our True Nature.

Whatever this means, the ultimate experience is to be in total contentment, to want absolutely nothing. To desire nothing. To be totally content with yourself. Then there is nothing lacking; there is no desire, no movement. And then from this place all actions are taken with purity. Then whatever you touch, whatever you are doing or not doing -- even just existing -- is a peak experience. You are alive and that is enough. Then growth can occur in harmony with nature.

If you are not perfect already then there is no possibility, there is no way, that you can become perfect. The whole situation is totally the opposite to searching for identity; you are already that which you want to attain. That is why simple techniques can help. It is not an attainment, but the discovery. It is hidden, and it is hidden in very, very small things.

Personas are just like clothes. Your body is here, it is hidden in clothes. In the same way your inner Harmony is here, hidden in certain clothes. These clothes are your personality. You can be naked right here and now, and in the same way you can be naked in your True Nature also. But if you do not know what clothes are covering your true nature, it is impossible to take them off. You do not know how you are hidden in them; you will not know how to be naked. We have been in clothes for so long -- for years and years and years, we have forgotten that we are in clothes -- we become so identified with our ideas, our beliefs and our achievements, that we don't even recognize them as clothes. You think these things are you. And that is the only barrier to Personal Harmony.

For example, you have some treasure, and you have hidden it. And the grass grows and trees grow all around and then you have no way of understanding where that treasure is. When you begin looking for it all over the place, you search high and low and you dig at all the ground and you become like a beggar hunting and hunting for the precious treasure. You know that you can be wealthy when you find it, but it is hidden in a place and now you have forgotten where. And then one day when you finally give up searching, after all the ground has been completely uncovered you realize that the real treasure was not somewhere to be found. It was in your pocket.

It is the same with Personal Harmony; it is a hidden treasure. The more you search for it, the harder it gets to find. It cannot be in the future because the future, tomorrow, never comes. You are the treasure that you are looking for. Your judgments against yourself disguise the treasure. Your beliefs about what is good and bad about others and yourself are the clothes that cover the treasure. This treasure is your inner peace, your freedom, your joy, your contentment, your focus, your concentration.

So, there is a certain relaxed calm that descends over a person who has found Personal Harmony. The inner power, the heart, gives a radiance, a constant showering of love and inspiration seems to come from them. There is a silent power surrounding them. When a person has found harmony within – it is a personal spirituality, they have become content with themselves and their energy becomes infectious. Just as negativity can be infectious so the positive energy of an inspired person can become infectious. We know this as leadership and radiance. But it is not leadership of the mind or intellect, it is leadership of the human spirit.

Personal Harmony - How long is a day?

How long is a day?

The right viewpoint not only makes clear the small size of this world in relation to the whole plan of creation; it shows the unimportance of time.

To inhabitants of earth there is some value in the measure of years. But to a person who lives in harmony with the laws of nature, there can be no such thing as the duration of time measured in increments of a few hundred years. They know that it took 3 billion years to reduce the temperature of a planet to allow life forms to exist; and they know that, after the planet loses warmth, it cannot sustain life; after which it requires 3 billion more years to bring it to a state were the sun will absorb it and start the life making process all over again. No planet can sustain life more than a few million years, and yet billions of years are required to make the brief living period possible. This is a real perspective on life.

Billions of years must pass in the evolution of our planet Natural law encourages you to see things in true viewpoint, in universal time. Then a day is not perceptible, nor a year, as that is merely one revolution of the earth around the sun. Nothing complete happens in the universe in that earthly year. Only the smallest fragment of something occurs. A century of time on this globe is but a fraction of a second in the universal period. This is real, a fact that helps put life in perspective, and now the universal viewpoint in nature begins to mean something.

If a person can be true to this viewpoint, they will see that our planet eventually grows cold and gets drawn into the mass of the sun. So all the hard work we are doing to make this a better place, will, and must eventually become a waste of time. All our efforts will be burnt in the heat of the sun, along with those beings who are still here, worrying about sustainable growth, organic crops and humanitarian expressions. It’ll be the ultimate war to see who can get off the planet before it cooks in the heat of the sun.

A person who really studies Universal Law will acknowledge that this intense heat will destroy the earth, send the dust back out into space (the real meaning of ashes to ashes – dust to dust) and then from this dust new planets will be formed. They will take shape again under different conditions and eventually cool down enough for new worlds to become populated with new beings, and eventually those worlds will cool off once more, lose all the life, get drawn to the sun and so repeat the cycle. This is all part of a days work in universal time.

Can you grasp it? It is written many times in history. The earth was created in 7 days. But these aren’t human days, they are galactic days. Each day in universal time is 3 billion years of earth time. That’s 21 billion years of earth time to create a week in universal time. This is the exact amount of time scientist confirm that it takes for a planet such as ours to form from universal dust.

So your lifespan in universal time is virtually immeasurable. In that fragment of time, you are born pass-through into youth, then arrive at death. Three or four generations of humans still can’t be measured against the huge clock that tics in the universe, natures time line.

This is the essential perspective for personal harmony. With natures perspective you’ll laugh at the idea of people who don’t do what they love or who spend time worrying and struggling for righteousness and superiority. All for a whole single milli-second span in universal time. Yet that is what we have been doing for years here on earth. We think we have cares and that the ultimate aim is to get all bent out of shape trying to grab a piece of the action.

What we worry and care about, when we look at it in the larger scale, is often absolute trivia. And with this awareness you can look in awe and celebrate that beauty. Beauty is free, personal harmony is what life is meant to feel like. Babies laughing, flowers blooming, people competing. You don’t win business by being tired and grumpy, overworking or over trying. Your relationships won’t thrive on taking everything personally, or trying to be someone you are not.

Look for the big picture.

Natures law.

Personal Harmony - It's only natural


Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. But now, with time and technology, we have lost touch with this awareness. As our culture evolves into this current era, we suffer the separation from having worked with the land, understanding natures rhythm and a dependency on nature for her sustenance. As we modernize, we have moved away from that harmony. The outer world has risen and taken precedence in our life, we look for solutions instead of awareness. We can all benefit from a more honest and deeper approach to life. If we can re connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the evolution of humanity, we will be able to celebrate both worlds, inner and outer harmony.

Personal Harmony is a natural way of living and offers wisdom that is all around us. That wisdom is profound yet simple. Nature is the keeper of those Sacred laws and now they can be yours. The forest, the ocean, the sky, species, rocks, plants, animals and insects all have a voice. It requires silence and wisdom to hear it and it is here that this specific learning will impact your lifestyle; It will help you create harmony in your work, stimulate changes in your environment, direct the exercises you do and help create the depth and silence that sustains harmony within you.

Personal Harmony comes from within. Nature holds the key to the magnificent story of life. Nature is the life found around you. Your life and work can become in tune with nature. Nature is surrounding you every moment and you can witness her beauty in every breath.

The appetite for harmony is born within every human heart. The paths to it vary widely. The laws of nature are transparent. They don’t compete with religion, culture or anything. They just stand as a testimony to the order that lies beneath. Order is the awareness of a great mystery. The person who knows this mystery understands the beauty of life.

Personal Harmony - How do i klnow if i am living in harmony or not?

How do I know if I am living in harmony or not?

For a business executive, life may be harmonious if the cash is flowing, clients are happy and the future is rosy. Ask a devout Buddhist and of course they will define harmony as peace and non violent action. Ask a fundamentalist terrorist and the answer will be different, they may even define harmony as the elimination of a whole race of humanity.

So it is with some trepidation that we, in this work, declare some sort of universal definition of Personal Harmony. But we do so regardless.

Personal Harmony is a journey. On such a journey every human squanders most of their life. Eating the fruit of forbidden trees hoping to circumvent the troubles and strife life brings. Personal Harmony is the hidden quest of all humanity. Defined as “the calling of the Soul” Personal Harmony becomes the indiscrete motive for existence, peace of mind, happiness.

The one who finds Personal Harmony does not do so, as most think, by quenching their thirst. Nothing of the sense ever satisfied the Soul. So the appetite that drives our external life actually comes from within. Such an appetite will never be satiated and this realization drives us on an inner search for Personal Harmony. And it’s illusive.

The inner world gains it’s harmony by attunement. The laws for this inner attunement are written for us long before scribes attempted to give credit for wisdom. The nature of all existence has stamped upon it the keynotes of the harmony of life. Nature holds the key and she is there, everywhere, waiting for you to discover her. Although the laws of nature may gratify the intellect, it is really their ability to free your mind to see order and beauty that can bring harmony to the heart. When our expectations and thinking match rhythm with natural law, we begin to work with Nature rather than against it.


1/ We must separate the inner World from the outer
2/ The inner world cannot be satisfied by dogma, philosophy or materiality
3/ The outer world seeks things in the pursuit of growth
4/ Personal Harmony cannot come while the seeker seeks.
5/ Until beauty can be felt it is not harmonious
6/ Beauty exists in all things, events and people.
7/ Peace of mind, health of the body are the external testaments to the levels of internal harmony.
8/ Disharmony is the breakdown between human thought and natural law. The fight can never be won
9/ Internal Harmony is possible only in so much as it becomes a process not a destination.
10/ Contentment is a first step. Learning that there is nothing about you to change, or that can be changed.
11/ To hone the personality of the heart is the real key to personal harmony